The Property Clock Concept and Its Applicability in India’s Real Estate Market


Globally, the real estate market is an important and a dynamic investment and operating sector that experiences cyclical patterns of growth, stasis, and decline. Timing is everything in real estate hence being able to understand the timing of these cycles is crucial for investors, developers, and stakeholders to make informed decisions.

The Property Clock concept is a valuable visualisation tool used in the real estate industry to assess the current state of the property market and its position in the property cycle. In this essay, we explore the Property Clock concept (and suggest a property cycle definition for India, considering how different this market is to others globally) and its potential application in India's real estate market.

The Property Cycle and Clock is a visual representation of the property market's phases, ranging from boom to bust and everything in between. It acts as a “metaphorical” clock, with the 12 o'clock position indicating the peak of the market (boom), and 6 o'clock indicating the bottom (slump). The other phases include recovery and slowdown, representing transitional periods between booms and slumps. Each phase exhibits distinct characteristics such as price growth, demand, and market sentiment.

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