Handbook for development of Agrihood Communities in India



In the last decade, real estate has witnessed change on multiple fronts – change in the buyer profile, increased preference towards community-driven living, flexible work schedules and prioritization on health. All these, combined with a focus on growing and eating fresh, local food is leading to emergence of Farm-based communities.

Agrihood Communities are mixed-use communities built with a community farm as a focus. The purpose of these communities is to facilitate food production simultaneously provide recreation for members of the community.

In India, the concept of Agrihood Communities is at a nascent stage, and we expect development of Agrihood Communities is likely to gain traction on account of increased preference for healthy lifestyle, Work from Home (WFH) and Farm - to - table Living.

This handbook is a good read for developers, property owners and investors and provides insights and guiding notes for development, planning, partnerships, consumer insights and proptech applications in setting up and operating an Agrihood community.

This book is a must read to understand the concept of Agrihood Communities in India. It covers:

  • Definition, Concept and Components
  • Site selection parameters
  • Findings of the consumer preference survey
  • Benchmarking Analysis - International and Indian Case studies
  • Statutory approvals and regulations across 8 major states of India (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh)
  • Guiding Notes for Planning, Development and Operations
  • Development costs and operation costs
  • Application of Proptech in Agrihood Communities
  • Financing Routes
  • Financial Analysis – arriving at the residual value of the land
  • Computation of Returns for the end-users

This handbook has been thoroughly researched and referenced, with relevant information been collected through interviews with developers, owners, and statutory authorities, along with our own proprietary research.


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