Why is the Due-Diligence of a Commercial Property Investment so important?


As this article is oriented towards the private investor, the reader will find that it is replete with useful information about the due diligence process, why a due diligence (“DD”) is so critically needed before a commercial (ie: non-residential) property investment and why engaging a real estate professional who is well versed in due diligence will support the informed decision-making you’ll need in respect to your next commercial property investment.

A due diligence is a means to identify and evaluate the risks that are implicit in any property investment. In this article we explain the parameters of a commercial property due diligence, why a due diligence is critical before committing funds to a property investment and in order to enable the decision-making process, we share a checklist for the outcome of a successful and comprehensive due diligence.

In completing a DD, the potential investor will have uncovered many secrets about the property that will be of concern, or will present further opportunities; in any event, the purpose of the DD is to present the investor with as many facts about the property as possible.

Being better informed, either as a seller or as a buyer of commercial real estate is important, so that the parties are best informed at all times.

Meraqi’s services extend to assist you in the Due Diligence process and is able to complete a valuation of the property too.

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