Unlocking the Retail Potential: Outlet Malls in India


What is an Outlet Mall; why is this retail format so profoundly important for Indian suppliers and customers alike and how, if sufficiently conceptualised, can it become a primo-destination-retail experience?

Retailing is an important cultural element of the Indian-DNA and the art of retailing in the sub-continent is reflected in many formats, whether it be in a formal setting or in an informal setting.

Indian customers are sophisticated and very well informed and hence demand every style of retail and retailing that is found abroad on their local turf. The format of presentation of retail items and the art of retailing can be in many forms and the latest format that we feel is eminently suitable for the Indian Consumer environment is the Outlet Mall.

This article describes what an Outlet Mall is and what its benefits are to retailers, their suppliers and most importantly, to its customers alike. It also covers difference between a Typical (regular) shopping mall, Value Mall and Outlet Mall.

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