Enhance value by optimizing locations, portfolios, ownership, and capital structure with our comprehensive solutions for Commercial and Flex spaces

Our leasing team provides a comprehensive leasing service to landlords, investors, developers, and occupiers. Real estate decision making is complex and can have a far-reaching impact on our client's businesses, culture and thus business objectives. We support the tenant's business needs and improve their operating efficiency, thus, creating a positive employee and customer experience. We help our clients make intelligent business decisions to get the maximum value from the spaces they occupy. We support you throughout the entire workplace lifecycle, creating a workplace aligned to business objectives, enhancing organisational performance and engaging employees.

For landowners, we deliver customized solutions to increase the pace of leasing, optimize tenant mix, and increase rental profile. We provide strategic investment guidance to commercial space owners and investors to help them meet tenants’ requirements.

Our experienced team, backed by our robust Consulting and Research functions, provide informed feedback, and give an insight into latest real estate trends to facilitate decision making.

Our Offerings

Flex and Co-Working

We help our clients in embracing a 'flex work' environment. Our team supports our clients in planning, developing strategy, finding an appropriate location, and securing a competitive pricing model for moving into a flexible space.

Landlord Representation

Our team help landlords to optimise their commercial property occupancy. Our leasing team can help you with maximising rental returns, improving tenant retention, and increasing your overall asset or portfolio ROI.

Tenant Representation

Our team assists tenants in finding the right space for their workforce and business. We also support them in relocating or renewing a lease negotiated with the best terms. We enable the tenant's real estate to support their business requirements while keeping an eye on future.

Transaction Management

We ensure that you make every inch of space count with a more focused yet flexible and efficient real estate portfolio. Managing the leasing, acquisition and disposition of properties helps achieve the best financial outcome for the clients and goes in tandem with keeping to the organisation's long-term strategy.

Renegotiation and Renewal Management

We undertake lease renewal management and conduct mark-to-market analysis of real estate assets. Our tenant representation team also works on renegotiation of lease contracts and restructuring of contractual terms which can be started in between a lease period depending on changes in the market scenarios. In this subject we provide market overview and alternative options, negotiation services with landlords, services for the preparation of lease abstract or project summary, completion of Quality Assurance Programme and documentation for new rental agreements.

Workspace Consulting

Our teams of experienced advisors and negotiators conduct extensive space utilization studies and create an optimization plan that seeks to minimise leasing costs and occupancy risks. Our solutions such as Alternative Workplace Strategies, Consolidation Strategies and Occupancy Planning help clients’ optimum utilization of space to ensure efficient deployment of capital.

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