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Land, the most expensive component of real estate development, is increasingly scarce. Acquiring land at the right location, the right time and the right price is the key determinant of real-estate developmental success.

At Meraqi, we provide most relevant opportunities and partners for land. Our extensive market knowledge and geographical reach optimize transaction risk and return. Our expertise expands beyond land assessment to formulation of joint developments, joint ventures, and development management structures for clients.

Our Offerings

Land Acquisition and Disposal

Meraqi's in-depth knowledge of the Market & Local Regulations, help our stakeholders assess the market value of the land. Thorough partner due-diligence, controlled information disclosure, exclusive negotiation strategy for each partner helps the stakeholders evaluate inclusive alternatives and timely execution.

We provide best suited solutions aligning with the stakeholders' strategic goals to help them maximize RE holdings.

Partnership Structuring:
Joint Developments (JD), Joint Ventures (JV), and Development Management (DM)

Meraqi's understanding of the Real Estate market trends backed by a process driven approach offers an advantage to stakeholders to find suitable partners.

We establish the partner and price objectives for effective partner search and timely closure of the transaction. Our expertise on structuring various transactions, effective and incessant communication, help stakeholders maximize the RE returns.

Our Advantage

End to end services
We provide end-to-end services for stakeholders starting from selecting strategic partners, sourcing project funding and investment / divestment of RE asset classes

Diversified Team Composition with different functional backgrounds, skills, and abilities of members within a team is a key factor.

Our market intelligence helps the client understand existing and emerging trends – offering them a process driven solution

We collaborate with suitable partners to serve the needs of stakeholders to provide them the widest range of options and expertise

Our core team's negotiation skills and execution expertise help in timely execution of the transaction

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For Consultation and Business enquiries, contact Ms. Dhara Shah

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